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I am gathering info on food inspection related matters and I would appreciate if you can help me understand if our newly implemented accounting system is capable of providing the following information for the years FY  2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and if so how soon can I get them?

Following  Individual data for each of the above listed years

A) Amount collected towards food establishment permit fees
B) Amount collected towards food establishment inspections
C) Amount collected as fines or penalties imposed on food establishments

A, B, C will be treated as one request and given to the Health Department for them to fulfill.
Mark and Laura, please fulfill

D) Amount of salary and benefits paid to food inspector
Brittany Iacaponi please fulfill.

And how much is the current balance in the BOH food related revolving account
Brittany Iacopini please fulfill.


October 16, 2017 via email


Health, Accounting / Finance


KG Narayana





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Mark Oram

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