Request #17-206

Documents relating to project known as West Union Transmission  Sewer Replacement:

  1. Any and all certifications of completed equipment/material procurement and delivery that were provided by M.E. Smith, Inc. for the Project and any acknowledgement or response to the certification;
  2. Any and all documents which set forth the construction schedule (baseline and all updates) for the project;
  3. Any written narratives or summaries prepared with the schedules and/or updates which address or explain the schedule and/or updates;
  4. All correspondence and/or change orders which document or relate to any changes to the Project or Project schedule;
  5. Any Time Impact Analyses and Time Extension Requests and related correspondence or analysis of time impacts conducted by M.E. Smith, the Town of Ashland or any third party;
  6. Any and all documents that relate to delays, project impacts, time extensions, or deficiency items for the Project, including correspondence by or between M.E. Smith and the Town of Ashland;
  7. Any and all documents related to M.E. Smith's manpower, may hours, labor utilization, or labor coordination for the Project;
  8. Any and all documents related to Godwin Pumps of America, AKA Xylem Dewatering Solutions Inc.; and,
  9. All projects meeting minutes.










December 22, 2017 via email


Public Works, Accounting / Finance


Steve Hansen






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Doug Small

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