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I was hoping someone could clarify for me town rules/bylaws about motor vehicle parking on a single family residential property, specifically:
  • Is there a maximum number of vehicles that may be parked on a single family lot?
  • Is there any rule about the vehicles parked on a property being operational/ in use?
  • Is there a regulation about whether vehicles must be parked on a paved area vs. grass or dirt?
  • I believe there is a regulation about the amount of frontage that may be taken up by a  paved parking area, but I would appreciate clarification on that.
  • Is there a limitation to the amount of time vehicles may be parked on public streets?
  • I believe the bylaws state any vehicle in a driveway must be parked at least 10 feet from the street - if this is indeed true, what is the reason for this distance?
Thank you for your help!
Amanda Flies
18 Wesson Rd


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Amanda Flies





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