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Jim Hanna Jim Hannah walked in and asked for the following items:   1)  Revolving Fund balances for FY201... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Thomas B. Drohan 1.  Any and all contracts for Generator Preventive Maintenance between the Town of Ashland and an... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Steve Morgan Most recent spending report showing actual spending against each project. Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
James Hanna FY18 Budget Request of School Department by James Hanna Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Jim Hanna & Julie Nardone Under the Freedom of Information Act and or The Massachusetts Public Records Law, we are once a... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Steve Morgan Document showing, justifying, payback analysis, etc. for any proposed capital spending expected t... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Jim Hanna & Julie Nardone Can you please provide Jim Hanna and me with the most current list of positions that bill to the ... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Lawrence McCarthy The last two (2) requisitions, requests or applications for payment  (together with the schedule ... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Jim Hanna & Julie Nardone RE: Water and sewer enterprise funds   C) The backup material that justifies the last two water... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Rose Coleman I am requesting bond information held by the Town of Ashland for a M.E. Smith, Inc. for work he d... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Jim Hanna FY18 Budget request by the School Department was from Mr. Hanna who came into Town Hall and spoke... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Jim Hanna & Julie Nardone We are once again requesting an answer to our question below. It is starting to feel like an endu... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Julie Nardone and Jim Hanna May we please have the same fiscal year 2017 breakdown for the water/sewer enterprise funds that ... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Steve Morgan A free cash accounting sheet/certification showing total free cash and which town accounts +/- ge... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Steve Morgan A document showing present balance of capital stabilization fund. Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Julie Nardone All these questions pertain to the bonds associated with the "new" High School on East Union Stre... Accounting / Finance; Treasurer/Collector Brittany Iacaponi
Steve Morgan Please post or provide minutes of the town forest committee meetings in 2017 including the one th... Town Forest Committee Cathy Rooney
Scott Graham My name is Scott Graham and I am a Manager at C+G Property Group, LLC. My team and I are local re... Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
Julie Nardone2/14 Under the Freedom of Information Act and/or the Massachusetts Public Records Request, may we plea... Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
Andre Thomas I looking to acquire a public record copy of all delinquent property taxes in Ashland, both resid... Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
Steve Morgan Please post or provide (email preferred) minutes and documents associated with the BOS meeting to... Town Manager's Office Diane Mortensen
Jim Hanna 10/30/17Mr. Hanna came into the Town Clerk's Office and verbally requested a copy of the recent l... Town Manager's Office; Public Works Diane Mortensen
Julie Nardone and Jim Hanna When the BOS waived the water and sewer connection fees in the development agreement for the RTD,... Town Manager's Office Diane Mortensen
K G Narayana I had reached out to Michale Herbert to secure an electronic copy of his annual report for the ye... Town Manager's Office Diane Mortensen
Steve Morgan Please post or provide (via email preferred) all documents related to the BOS meeting of 9/19/201... Town Manager's Office Diane Mortensen
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