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Jon Fetherston This is a request under the Massachusetts Public Records Law (M. G. L. Chapter 66, Section 10). I... Human Resources luglialoro@ashlandmass.com
Jim Hanna & Julie Nardone May we please have a copy of the Town Manager's newly signed contract  with the Board of Selectme... Accounting / Finance; Town Manager's Office Brittany Iacaponi
Luca Brasi Dear Records Access Officer:  I am requesting that I be provided a copy of the following records... Facilitites Joe Richardson
Tracey Hutton I am a doctoral student at Northeastern University conducting research on the effect of state man... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Steve Morgan Please post or provide via email documents that show the following:   What account was used t... School Department; Accounting / Finance; Town Manager's Office Barbara Durand
Steve Morgan Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen Joint Meeting - January 16, 2019 Please post or provide... Town Manager's Office Susan Robie
Susan Petroni Under the Freedom of Information Act, SOURCE news media is requesting the a copy of every resta... Health Laura Clifford
Susan Petroni Under the Freedom of Information Act, SOURCE news media is requesting:   1) List of every law... Town Manager's Office Jenn Ball
Julie Nardone & Jim Hannah This is a public information request.   At the ZBA public meeting on Tuesday, December 11, 2018... Planning Amanda Molina Dumas
Fran Miele List of delinquent taxpayers  January 1, 2017 - present Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
Steve Morgan Please post or provide via email the minutes and documents from last nights 12/11/2018 ZBA meetin... Planning Amanda Molina Dumas
Sebatian Korth, Esq. I request a copy of the business certificate and all other public records related to  Framingham... Town Manager's Office Susan Robie
Julie Nardone & Jim Hannah Regarding Robert Hill Way Extension Request: 1. Provide copies of letters sent to abutters to no... Planning Sheila Page
Ivan J Guevara A plot of my land 63 higley rd ashland, ma 01721 Tara Ward
Steve Morgan Review and Determination of Extension Request regarding 2013 Modification of Comprehensive Per... Planning Sheila Page
Julie Nardone May I please have the Nov special town meeting minutes for Nov 2013? Think it was around the 28th... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Sharon Castro RE: 13 Waverly St, Ashland MA 01721 1) Please provide copies of any open code violations attache... Inspection Services; Treasurer/Collector Tara Ward
Eric Wolpert I’m an insurance agent with Liberty Mutual and we give renovated home credits for updated homes. ... Inspection Services Mike Crisafulli
Kaza Rhan To whom it may concern, I am writing to you on behalf of LocalLabs which is the publisher of Pra... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Joseph Monahan RE:  ITEM: Electrical Services (IQC), , Bid Date: 10/30/2018 11:00:00 AM
Dear Si...
Tara Ward
Carson   My name is Carson, I'm interested in downloading a zoning shapefile for Ashland. I'm a real es... Public Works Doug Small
James McKenna See attached. Human Resources Kathy Arsenault
Steve Morgan Please post or provide via email the document packet for this meeting.  Including at least the ag... Town Manager's Office Susan Robie
No name available Hello.  It doesn't appear that any of the minutes of the 2018 meetings of the Ashland Redevelopme... Tara Ward
Amy Turncliff I am looking for the number of One Day Liquor Licenses that have been issued during the past year... Town Manager's Office Diane Mortensen
No name available Please provide me with a copy of the current collective bargaining agreement for the Town's polic... luglialoro@ashlandmass.com
James Kennedy Please send the following: Copies of all communications leases / licenses, payment histories, ... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
John Farese Under the Massachusetts Public Records Act § 66-10 et seq., I am requesting that I be provided a ... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Cesareo Contreras Any and all animal permits for 19 Buckley Avenue  Tara Ward
Cesareo Contreras I'm looking for the report filed by Animal Control Officer Dona Walsh detailing the incident that... Police Janice Neitz
Steve Morgan request to include a copy of any email or written communications and documents  regarding those n... Information Technology Paul Carpenter
Giulio Lavini I am working on a research project to help town officials better understand salary ranges when hi... Human Resources Tara Ward
Amy Mello I am writing from the Yes on 3 campaign to request an electronic file, via email, of all early vo... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Brian Olney Pursuant to the Massachusetts Public Records Law, I hereby request the following records: Any an... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Steve Morgan Please provide copies via email preferred of the emails from this meeting discussed in these minu... Information Technology Paul Carpenter
Louise Donovan I would like a copy of the coroners report on Thomas Cain. He went by the name of Stephen Cain. I... Tara Ward
Jim Hanna & Julie Nardone   Under the Freedom of Information Act and/or the Massachusetts Public Records Law, may we pleas... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Five Brothers Management
Please be advised our records show that ASHLAND, MA does not require vacant or distressed pro...
Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Brian Charles Jones Hi My name is Brian Charles Tape/ Jones   my father was Francis Paul Jones died 2000 in Virginia.... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Michael Kelly Hello!   My name is Michael Kelly and I am a Graduate student here at the University of Missour... Health Mark Oram
Tetyana Ivanina Hello, Could you please clarify on how many lots 18 Greenhalge sits? We see that per PR  ... Inspection Services Mike Crisafulli
Jim Hannah & Julie Nardone under the freedom of information act and or the massachusetts public records law can you please p... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Gina Chiota All permits obtained for 235 Trailside way Ashland MA 01721 Poy Yee Inspection Services Ro Porter
No name available Kindly provide me the same information that has been provided to the requester from 18-92.   "Pe... Tara Ward
Steve Morgan Regarding the conservation Commission site walk at 117 Concord S on 7/29/2018;  Please post or pr... Conservation Maeghan Dos Anjos
Chris Gazard Hello,    I am hoping for some assistance please?    I found website difficult to nav... Planning Sheila Page
Abbey Barger To Whom It May Concern, WeGoLook has been contracted by Planning and Zoning Resources  to obtain... Inspection Services Ro Porter
Don Good Morning, my name is Don Lesandrini I am a Real Estate investor. I am looking to obtain a lis... Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
Michael Kane Per Michael Herbert: Please complete. I think we should do this one free of charge (just the sal... Human Resources Greg Enos
Jim Hanna & Julie Nardone Looking for the final public safety land feasibility report. Tara Ward
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