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Steve Morgan Please ensure this matter gets resolved and an improper meeting does not happen.   As public re... Town Clerk's Office; Town Manager's Office Tara Ward
Amanda Flies I was hoping someone could clarify for me town rules/bylaws about motor vehicle parking on a sing... Planning Sheila Page
Steve Morgan Please provide via email or posting prefrerred regarding the BOS Meeting of 6/6/2018   1)  a co... Accounting / Finance; Town Manager's Office; Treasurer/Collector Brittany Iacaponi
Steve Morgan Please provide via email preferred the following:   1) Document showing that Board of Health Me... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Steve Morgan Any document indicating that Employee Diane Mortenson is a special town employee. Any ethics d... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Steve Morgan Please provide a copy of any email in the past 30 days fitting the following parameters:   Qu... Information Technology Paul Carpenter
Sean Berthiaume Just to follow up on our conversation this afternoon, below are the areas we are looking to get w... Public Works Doug Small
Susan Yas All records relating to payments made to the Town of Ashland for the property located at 145 Plea... Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
No name available My name is Scott Graham and I am a Manager at C+G Property Group, LLC. My team and I are local re... Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
Mark Young SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the Town of Ashland for any and all purcha... Accounting / Finance Brittany Iacaponi
Lianzheng Mu Dear Sir:   I am a researcher from Arizona State University and are currently looking for water... Public Works; Treasurer/Collector Doug Small
No name available   Good afternoon Mike,   My name is Kevin and I work on behalf of Fannie Mae to ensure propert... Inspection Services Mike Crisafulli
Steve Morgan 368 Chestnut St - Please provide a copy of existing building permit for this property.  My unders... Inspection Services Mike Crisafulli
W. Chris Surber Requesting following records re: 13 Joanne Drive permits, including building permits, asbestos, ... Inspection Services Mike Crisafulli
Jackie Baker-Schupbach Massachusetts@openthebooks.com 2:55 PM (21 hours ago)   ... Human Resources Greg Enos
Andre Thomas Good day,   I looking to acquire a public record copy of  both residential and commercial if po... Treasurer/Collector Cindy Cincotta
Steve Morgan Please provide the following documents regarding Ashland OPT OUT Committee  Any election relat... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Steve Morgan per public records for a copy of any new ethics disclosure by Mr. Greenberg that has filed with t... Town Clerk's Office Tara Ward
Bob Gayner   Megunko Transit District, LLC has engaged Phil Cordeiro/A&M to acquire and review Plans an... Public Works Doug Small
Steve Morgan Please be more specific. regarding where those may be found.  My understanding some information w... Town Manager's Office Michael Herbert
Paul Hatch 'Paul Hach' via Public Records 9:31 AM (2 hours ago)   ... Planning Sheila Page
John Collette Rajitha over at Public Works gave me your contact information. We are in the early stages of loo... Public Works Rajitha Purimetla
Steve Morgan Please post or provide via email the following documents related to the BOS meeting on Wed 4/18/2... Town Manager's Office Michael Herbert
Steve Hickey : 23 Brogden Flagpole This is a request under the public records law for the following informati... Town Manager's Office Michael Herbert
Steve Morgan Please review why the town continues to not operate its boilers and maintain them in good operati... Town Manager's Office Michael Herbert
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